What Does Icon Demon Mean?

What Does Icon Demon Mean?

A Startling Fact about Icon Demon Uncovered

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The Awful Side of Icon Demon

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Our Favorite Change Agents 2013

Carolina for Kibera: Continuing to build local leadership capacity and support participatory development after a decade on the ground. Awesome local leadership with Hilary Omala at the helm.

Catapult Design : The majority of our world’s population lacks access to life’s basic needs. Heather Fleming’s organization, Catapult

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Design, develops and implements human-centered products to help them thrive.

AntrhoTronix: Human Inspired. Technology Driven. How do we affectively move technology into the developing space to provide real capabilities? Check out the AnthroTronix CEO on TED (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnV6QDhwvhk&feature=youtu.be)

Care Through Action: Alissa Everett’s organization providing amazing advocacy for victims of gender- based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Haitian Hat-trick: Digicel, Partners in Health, and Fried Plantains

By Katie Sprinkel
I had the opportunity to spend the past week in the back of a pickup truck in Haiti as part of a group of healthcare providers and development specialists from various sectors to look critically at the aid effort thus far and where we should go from here to rebuild Haiti. Zeke, our tattooed, uniquely interesting and insightful driver and accomplice deserves special mention. He is cialis prezzo intimately familiar with the Haitian people and culture and through him we were introduced to Haitian homes and slums, their grievances against each other and the world, their slang and profanity, their food and music and driving habits, their slums and their homes. Over the course of 9 days, we spent time with a wide range of aid organizations and at every level, from IDP camps and small NGO operations to World Bank conference tables and UN trailers, it was easy to talk about everything that has gone wrong. In fact, it was often hard to move away from that topic. At the end of most days, I felt overwhelmed by the complexity and seemingly insolvable nature of Haiti’s problems and the inadequacies and outright failures on the side of international aid efforts. However, in an attempt to distill some coherent conclusions from my experiences, I want to focus on a few positives, two shining stories of success in Haiti. Well, three if you count fried plantains, which are worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

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An Irish billionaire named Denis O’Brien owns Digicel, which is Haiti’s main mobile phone service provider and the viagra to help with performance anxiety country’s largest employer and taxpayer (this last part is key). As told by one Haitian source, before Digicel moved into Haiti, mobile phones were expensive and inaccessible to most everyone, for example the phone itself was prohibitavely expensive and on top of that you’d be charged for both making and receiving calls. Digicel changed the market with low price phones and services, and has been the leading example in a business centered approach to redevelopment. They make the extra effort to work with the Haitian government (Denis O’Brien has at times reportedly paid government salaries out of his own pocket to keep the wheels turning) which is no small feat, but surprisingly unique among private corporations and almost unheard of among NGOs. This lack of government involvement is a major factor that undermines the governments ability to become the strong and reliable force it needs to be. One of O’Brien’s more ingenuitive and promising ideas to put a tax on cialis 20 mg compresse international calls and use that money to finance education seems to have hit a stumbling block in that a large portion of the revenue has disappeared, presumably into someone’s pocket. The Irishman has met this with resolve to find the missing money, consistent with his reputation for intolerance of corruption and an aggressive approach to enforce accountability and produce results. The nod of respect Digicel has received from the Haitian public is also notable. For http://viagracanadianpharmacy-norx.com/ example, at a recent public demonstration with a significant amount of public property damage, Digicel billboards were left untouched. In the court of public opinion, this stands in direct contrast to Haitian people’s distrust towards notoriously corrupt law enforcement and attitudes ranging from indifference to overt aggression towards foreign aid workers, who they feel have turned development into a money making business with no real benefit to the Haitian people.

Partners in Health
PIH is the country’s third largest employer, behind Digicel and the government. The main visionary behind this incredible nonprofit is Dr. Paul Farmer, an equally impressive personality to O’Brien and an inexhaustible force in providing healthcare with sustainable models to the world’s toughest populations. We had the chance to walk through their new hospital in Mirebalais, a 320 bed teaching hospital opening its doors this spring. I can honestly say its cialisdosage-storeonline.com the coolest hospital I have ever set foot in, and easily the most inspired I’ve felt on a tour of a healthcare facility. Even the layout is designed to uplift the most oppressed subset of the Haitian people, with women’s health set up as a dedicated, one stop shop at the front entrance. PIH empowers and involves Haitians at every level of their model, from their novel use of community health workers in rural settings to their current partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, with a ten year plan to completely transition control of the hospital. This is in contrast to many other aid organizations, who seem to justify their lack of Haitian employment with many reasons, among them they can’t afford the risk of unreliable, dishonest, and uneducated locals, also that their donors want direct control of implementation of their funds. Other reflections of the careful forethought and ingenuity that characterizes PIH’s operations include building codes that would pass California’s standards for earthquakes, they will house the country’s 4th CT scanner, they have dedicated teaching space for planned international video conferencing for Haitian doctors in training, and will utilize solar power. Notably, the signs around the facility will all be in Creole, a subtle but important change from the standard French signage in other government and public institutions, yet another way to disengage and oppress the poor and uneducated.
Fried plantains
With a cold Coke or Prestige, life doesn’t get much better.
Although Digicel as a lucrative cell phone company, and PIH as a grass roots organizations championing healthcare for the poor, couldn’t be farther apart as examples of Haitian development home runs, I think they share important similarities. They are lead by extremely driven and dedicated individuals who use novel approaches and apply strict discipline to make slow and purposeful progress towards sustainable change. They work within the government infrastructure, acknowledging that it is more costly and infinitely more cumbersome to do so. Finally, online pharmacy viagra they invest in education and empowering Haitians (read: employing and paying locals) to take control of their country’s future.

Emerging Trends

A short but relevant blog posting on the Council of Foreign Relations webpage regarding the emerging role of mHealth. OMI has been pushing the consolidation of mHealth efforts and unification of platforms since deploying the iChart in 2010 across post- Earthquake Haiti. Disaster response offers a unique opportunity

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to capture interest and funding in order to create the foundations for change. The potential for success is tremendous if the deployment is conducted in a participatory manner, collaborating with and seeking input from local partners.


Renewable energy in disaster response

Dr. Elizabeth Cote
Boston, MA
MED-1 at the Democratic National Convention Carolinas MED-1, a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient mobile hospital unit parked outside the Time Warner Arena whirred quietly amidst the clamor of 30,000 people attending the Democratic National Convention, poised to take care of their every medical need. Outfitted with six critical care, seven acute care, and two functional operating rooms, MED-1 treated 70 patients, including two convention presenters who
returned to the floor in time to deliver their speeches. While the patients appreciated their timely care, they likely didn’t realize that—thanks to the efforts of CPL Fellows—it was also energy efficient.

MED-1 Green Project lead, Dr. David Callaway, an OIF Veteran and Zuckerman Fellow drove the Carolinas MED-1 response effort as its Operational Medical Director. He seized the leadership challenge to push innovation aboard MED-1. In the months leading up to the DNC, Callaway partnered with Rye Barcott another CPL Fellow, OIF Veteran and a member of the Duke Energy leadership team, to form the MED-1 Green (M1G) Project and make MED-1 more energy efficient. The mobile hospital powered by two 100kW diesel generators can operate for 3-5 days without refueling. The M1G team conducted an energy audit and efficiency upgrades that resulted in a 20% decrease in energy utilization in time for the convention. Micro-grid and energy analytics provided real-time energy-use feedback throughout the week. In addition to providing care for the delegates and first

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responders, M1G showed that simple solar integration could double the time on station without need for refueling. The Big M1G Picture: The M1G Project mission is to create a technologically advanced mobile hospital that can provide patient care for 30 days with minimal reliance on fossil fuel. Callaway imagines the power of deploying M1G Project units in post-disaster and conflict areas like:

  • Joplin, MO, where a tornado destroyed the major emergency department, disabled the local power grid and prevented commercial fuel trucks from accessing the region;
  • The Hurricane Isaac impact area, where 850,000 people and critical hospital facilities lost power and faced fuel rationing;
  • Afghanistan

Carolinas MED-1 is a mobile hospital owned and operated by Carolinas HealthCare Sysmte (CHS), headquatered in Charlotte, NC. Check out http://www.med1green.com/

Our Favorite Change Agents

In 2012, we had the opportunity of watching some incredible people make cialis 5 mg major changes in the world. These individuals and groups bring

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innovation and drive to social change. come assumere il cialis They inspire us my canadian pharmacy all to value our communities, defend the less fortunate, and comprar cialis contrareembolso seek grace through service.

1. Care Through Action (http://carethroughaction.org/)

2. Carolina for Kibera http://genericcialis-onlineed.com/ (http://cfk.unc.edu/)

3. The World Economic Forum Global Shapers Program (http://www.weforum.org/community/global-shapers)

State Department and Department of Defense Champion New Philosophy on Emergency Response

For the past 6 years, the Operational Medicine Institute has worked with partners in the non profit world, national security arena and diplomatic circles to promote increased understanding and interoperability in our nation’s response to international crisis. In 2009, OMI staff assisted the Belfer Center for International Security in preparing and delivering a brief to Congressional Staff on the importance of the newly formed Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and stability. In 2010, OMI worked on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to facilitate the civil- military response to the devastating January earthquake. OMI views the newly established Global Security Contingency Fund (GSCF) as a major advance in promoting security and stability across the globe.

Modern security threats are increasingly linked to health disparity, low

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intensity conflicts over natural resources and population displacement. Though perhaps no more “complex” than issues encountered during the Cold War (e.g. it is hard to imagine arguing that the Cuban Missile Crisis was straight- forward), these threats require a reinvigoration of our entire national security apparatus. This means engaging all three tiers of diplomacy, developing an expeditionary diplomatic corps and rebuilding our Nation’s Civil- Military partnerships. The 3D (Diplomacy, Development and Defense) initiative set the strategic stage for this process (See the following for

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a variety of opinions on this effort Center for American Progress, Small Wars Journal, Center for New American Security (CNAS) ).

Success requires overcoming all of the standard hurdles: budgetary, philosophical, interpersonal, operational and political. Fortunately, nothing drives innovation like crisis. Internationally, the global economic downturn coupled with the youth bulge (see CFR article from 2007 and apply to the recent Arab Spring) is fueling an already complex security situation. Domestically, the faltering economy demands that we find cost effective and innovative solutions to our national security challenges. Now is the time to execute.

One option would be for the GSCF to function like an Angel Investor for social entrepreneurs working in the 3D arena. GSCF leaders should look beyond the government to groups like the SKOLL Foundation and Ashoka as models for driving change at local levels. In the private non- profit sector, groups like OMI, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) and Team Rubicon can provide GSCF programs with problem solvers, experienced in working in complex environments.

The GSCF is a step in the right direction. Let’s hope that DOS and DOD to not succumb to the partisan political rancor that is crippling our nation. Regardless, we are in store for some intriguing policy debates in 2012.

Those who society abandons, we defend.