OMI Teams continue work in Fond Parisien and Port au Prince

The OMI patient registration station in triage at Fond Parisien
The docking station with 15 donated iPhones!

04 MAR 2010

OMI Teams continue the dual mission of evaluating existing technological solutions to the growing problem of patient tracking in post earthquake Haiti while implementing real time patient care solutions. Our collaboration with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) continues to mature. HHI is an incredible group of professionals. The HHI- OMI collaboration brings together a truly unique combination of humanitarians, disaster response experts, IT specialists, clinicians and world citizens to address this complex humanitarian emergency.

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The OMI vounteers continue to serve well beyond their time on the ground. Below is a slide show created by Toff Peabody and Ari Hoffman documenting some their efforts in Haiti.

In Fond Parisien, Dr. Scott Murray is assisting with the development and deployment of a technological solution to supply management. Scott is burning the midnight oil, caring for patients, maintaining the patient tracking system and now taking increasing responsibility for supply management. Frankly, it is an honor to work with such a group of motivated leaders and dedicated clinicians.

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We appreciate the continued donations of money and of time. Without donated technical and programming support from people like Charlie Johnson ( and Larry Nathanson, the OMI projects would not be nearly as successful. And, the patients in Fond Parisien would not be receiving such quality care. Thank you to all of you involved.

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Tomorrow, I head to Washington DC to meet with the Zuckerman Fellows and participate in their annual Fellow’s retreat. I look forward to discussing the great work that OMI and the Zuckermans are doing in Haiti and across the


David Callaway

Co- Director, The OMI

It’s our work, and don’t you could discover more we love sharing it

Continued challenges in Haiti

A Haitian child flashes a smile

28 FEB 2010
Dr. David Callaway

“When it comes down to it, we are just looking to connect with other human beings. If you look deep down inside, this is what makes us human and brings us pure joy. This is why children who are missing limbs, are missing parents and speak different languages than us can still somehow relate and find smiles amidst this chaos.”

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- Dr. Jennifer Callaway

As the rains flood Haiti and more lives are lost, it is important to maintain some degree of perspective on our lives. There is no reason that the disaster in Haiti cannot give us pause and motivate us to ponder our commitment to our own communities. Resilience is not built in the midst of disaster, it is cultivated over years.

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To our supporters

Jan 28- Boston


First, I would like to thank everyone who is supporting relief efforts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In particular, thank you to our friends, family and donors.

Those of you who know me understand the visceral reaction I have to asking for charity- i.e. money. That is part of the reason why The OMI limited fund raising efforts, only offering our services in support of other causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project ( However, this mission to Haiti changed things.

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The History of our Mission

Representatives of the Dominican Government originally requested that The Operational Medicine Institute at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians deploy to the border region to provide direct care and civil- military coordination.

Drs. Callaway and Baez meet with representatives of SESPAS, Civil Defense and Emergency Operations

Once on the ground, this mission rapidly expanded. When Dr. Baez and Dr. Cote met with the United Nations what does cialis look like and discussed the OMI needs assessment from the border, it became very clear that leadership was needed in this response effort. Though OMI primarily provides operational support and disaster management consultation, the team was quickly incorporated

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into the UN Health Cluster and asked to be lead agency for the UN Technology Cluster.

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The UN Cluster system (military people insert your own jokes here) is an attempt to coordinate canadian pharmacy checker the efforts of the myriad non- governmental and governmental response agencies. Sample agencies include UNICEF, the Dominican Ministry of Public Health, World Vision, and Partners in Health. The key factor is that all of these agencies are funded and salaried. viagra vs stendra Currently, the OMI Tech team is comprised of a joint degree student at the Harvard Business School-Harvard Kennedy School, a pediatrics intern at Massachusetts General Hospital, and two physicians who have reduced their clinical schedules to assist in the project. Volunteerism is noble and direct action is needed. However, to be the lead agency responding to one of the worst natural disasters in the Western Hemisphere requires a larger commitment. It is hard for me as Co- Director to ask people to sacrifice months of income, schooling, family time and emotional health without providing them with the proper support.

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The dollars that you donate go directly to the following: airfare for volunteers, purchase of administrative supplies, survival essentials (food, water and medicine for the team), gas and transportation, cell phone bills, essential medical supplies for victims. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has generously donated the majority of the medical supplies for our mission as well as given administrative and human resources support. cialis4dailyusedosage Ideally, we would like to be able to provide some degree of stipend for those who are making such a huge difference, stepping up to assume leadership positions and drive effective operations on the ground.

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Welcome to the Operational Medicine Institute blog.  The purpose of this site is to allow professionals in the field to exchange ideas, facilitate interdisciplinary discussions and promote creative solutions to increasingly dynamic problems.

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We welcome your contributions and continued dedication to our unifying concept, “Those who society abandons, we defend.” Bchackova gabriela

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Those who society abandons, we defend.