OMI Team Four Begins Transition

The OMI team assists with transport of patients to the USNS Comfort for advanced surgical care

Fond Parisien, Haiti
By: Ari Hoffman and Toff Peabody

Today marks one month since the earthquake, and Haiti has declared this a national day of prayer and fasting in memory of the tens of thousands of victims since January 12. All the patients and their families are gathered beneath the trees at a corner of the camp raising their voices in song. Those who are immobile are carried by their friends. Crutches and hands wave side by side in praise. And yet our work continues. Tracking patients on the site can be difficult. Even on a normal day, when the entire population has not gathered to pray, patients do not remain in their tents. Nor should they, as the tents bake in the midday sun. Transport teams carry people to shady areas to rest, and the medical and surgical teams struggle to find their patients. We are approaching the challenge of patient identification by printing wristbands with easily identifiable codes for high risk groups in need of closer follow-up. For example, a red wristband signifies an unaccompanied minor.

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Children with HIT Rescue accompanied minor identificaiton bracelets

Since tracking this group of

patients, the management structure has organized a child protection team with a pediatrician and a nurse – working alongside the OMI team – to coordinate reunification and placement efforts with outside organizations like the Global Orphans Project. In the past week, we have successfully reunited 13 children with their families. There are still 16 on our list, but many already have confirmed family with plans for a safe discharge in the near future. The true orphans are a minority, but an important one that will not be overlooked, and thanks to careful tracking and continued follow-up by the child protection team, these children will at the very least have placement opportunities in orphanages. As the memorial service and prayer continues, the tone of the singing that fills the camp has changed from one of mourning to one of hope.

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To contribute to the OMI Haiti relief efforts please go to our home page at

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