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Our Favorite Change Agents 2013

: Continuing to build local leadership capacity and support participatory development after a decade on the ground. Awesome local leadership with Hilary Omala at the helm.

: The majority of our world’s population lacks access to life’s basic needs. Heather Fleming’s organization, Catapult

: Alissa Everett’s organization providing amazing advocacy for victims of gender- based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Do you need to speak the language?

Recently, several Japanese medical professionals have commented that unless you speak Japanese, you cannot possibly help in the ground response.  They cite that “even Japanese doctors are having difficulty understanding certain dialects near Sendai.”

This is an interesting proposition.  What skills does one need to respond?  Certainly, language is a huge help.  But is it enough to know disaster response and have an interpreter?  What about an experienced team with a local government liaison?

The issue of unaffiliated volunteers is complex and creates numerous ethical and operational challenges.  However, I am going to have to disagree that lack of Japanese language skills precludes value to the current response.

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